File Transfer

About Us

Need to send sensitive documents? MegaMFT makes the process simple and seamless. Forget about man in the middle attacks, prying eyes, or government agencies spying on you. MegaMFT will immediately eliminate these threats to your privacy.

MegaMFT is a ZERO TRUST managed file transfer system that makes file sharing completely private and highly secure. By using our state of the art proprietary technology, we will provide you with an additional layer of impenetrable security while sharing your files.

MegaMFT and our new technology encrypts, shreds, and routes each file you send, making it impossible for “man in the middle” or government agencies to obtain your sensitive documents.

With MegaMFT, you can send files securely and set your own password - Nobody but you and the person receiving the files has access. Even we can’t see what you’re sending! All data and files auto delete after 24 hours, regardless of the time limits set by the sender. POOF! Gone forever.

Sign up today and stop putting your sensitive documents at risk with other file transfer services that promise basic security features – We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of privacy to all of our customers 24/7.

If it’s not private, it’s public.

Change The Way You Send Files Today.


$5.00 per month
  • 1TB monthly transfer
  • Files auto deleted after 24hrs
  • Password protection
  • No data stored meaning complete privacy